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Luxusimmobilien auf Sardinien

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For some, it’s the Caribbean, for others one of the most inspirational islands in the Mediterranean. Sardinia has been attracting people for thousands of years on account of its countryside, turquoise sea and mineral deposits, notably gold and silver. The Phoenicians, the Nuraghic people, the Romans, French and British have all left their mark here. Sardinia is unique and has retained its own inimitable culture and language to this day. Intrigued? Why not retrace the steps of past inhabitants? Picture yourself in one of our exclusive rural properties with a private garden and pool overlooking a vast expanse of sea. Your new home can serve as a base for exploring magical coves, unspoiled countryside and miles of white sandy beaches.

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Or perhaps you prefer rugged mountain landscapes that only reveal their beauty to those who take a genuine interest in them? Our luxury villas, elegant owner-occupied apartments and stunning chalets are located in places you can only dream of. Thanks to our exclusive interiors with traditional, contemporary and exquisite detailing, you’re sure to find a home in Sardinia that is second to none.

Live your dream and make the most of all the opportunities and amenities that this little continent has to offer.

Find your favourite mooring place for your yacht in one of the unspoiled lagoon-like coves, and admire the breathtaking rock formations, little caves and rocky arches.

Then head back to your stylish property in the evening and enjoy the dramatic light effects as the sun goes down – an unforgettable spectacle. Or maybe you’d prefer to stay on the yacht sipping a “Sardo”, the legendary cocktail created by the ingenious barkeeper Paolo Sardo?

Villa Finca auf Sardinien
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