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Luxusimmobilien auf den Balearen

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The Balearics are actually made up of 150 islands and islets, but only five of them are inhabited and able to capture the hearts of the people living there. Most notable among them are Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Cabrera has just 20 residents and is mainly a nature reserve. The four main islands have become longed-for destinations for all those who love the sun, the warmth of the clear turquoise water and who want to enjoy the nightlife on offer. 

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Having a home here is a dream, and you can make it come true with us. Stylish fincas with tasteful, premium furnishings and views out over the sea, surrounded by lush gardens, luxuriously furnished country houses with private pools that leave nothing to be desired, or elegant townhouses and flats in the vibrant hearts of the islands, from whose terraces you can let your imagination run wild: we can fulfil each one of your wishes so that you can arrange your life in a way that suits you. Varied landscapes, fascinating rocks, mysterious caves, dreamlike beaches, outstanding golf clubs - great restaurants, tapas bars with the typical little delicacies, exclusive bodegas - all this is within reach of your new luxury residence. Drop anchor in the islands' beautiful bays, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and the coolness of the water as you dive in. Create your own personal hide-away that affords you some downtime, far away from all your appointments, and enjoy your life with people who - like you - understand the art of living and enjoyment.

Luxusimmobilien auf den Balearen
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