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Cyprus, the island of Aphrodite, is a piece of paradise in the eastern Mediterranean. Its beauty is breathtaking: golden beaches, turquoise waters and hills that glow in all shades of green. The aroma of oregano and sea is everywhere, olive groves stretch to the horizon.


Cyprus is like a painting where sun, sea and mountains come together in perfect harmony.


History has left its mark in the form of Byzantine churches, Roman ruins and Venetian fortresses. The cultural richness is equally impressive, an amazing mix of Greek and Turkish influences, with each side of the divided island having its own charm. You can feel it in the melodrama of Greek ballads and the lively tones of Turkish folk song.


The taste of the island is a symphony of savoury meze, fresh fish and sweet baklava. 

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But the heart of Cyprus is its people. Hospitable, warm and welcoming, they open their hearts as easily as they open their doors. The islanders don't just live their traditions, they celebrate them

in lively village festivals, in the art of wine-making and in the simplicity of friendly conversation.


In Cyprus you find an attitude to life that is infectious. It is an island that seduces and embraces at the same time, filling the soul with its natural beauty and cultural riches. A visit here is not just a journey to a place, but also a journey to a bygone era when life was slower, simpler and infinitely sweeter.


Conquer a slice of that special way of life with your premium property in Cyprus.

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