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DIANIUM RESIDENCE Luxusimmobilien in Bestlagen

Terms & Conditions

Preliminary remarks

The general terms and conditions are the basis for business transactions with customers and partners of Dianium Inmo-Concept SL (DIANIUM RESIDENCE). They cause the conclusion of the contract to be simplified by a pre-formulated set of rules, accelerated and standardized.

With the conclusion of the contract, the customer or the partner accepts the following conditions.

1. Conclusion of contract

The contract between the customer and us comes about either by written agreement or through the use of our activity on the basis of or in the knowledge of the successful brokerage activity accruing commission claims.

2. Confidentiality

Our documents and information are only intended for the recipient personally.

3. Limitation of Liability

Our offers are non-binding and non-binding. Error and prior sale remain Reserved. The object-related information is based on our Contractual partners or other persons authorized to provide information and information. errors remain reserved.

4. Commission

The commission claim arises with the conclusion of the legally effective main contract. The commission is earned and due once the main contract is formed. The customer is obliged to inform us immediately when, for what fee and with which parties the main contract has been concluded. This does not result in the obligation to provide information affected that the main contract is subject to a condition precedent and this is not yet has occurred.

Both the amount of the commission and the respective payment of the client depends on the location of the property and the customary commission regulations there, insofar as the respective Offer does not expressly include a different commission rate.

5. Prior Knowledge

If an interested party is already familiar with an object that we have proven, he has this for us to be reported and documented immediately. In the event of culpable violation of this regulation the interested party is liable to us for the damage caused as a result.

6. Dual Action

We are entitled to work for the other party to the main contract on a commission basis will.

7. Jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction is Denia, Spain. Spanish law applies to the contractual relationship.

8. Severability

Should one or more provisions of these general terms and conditions be ineffective, be invalid or unenforceable or subsequently become so, the rest remain Provisions are unaffected by this. Should these terms and conditions not part of the contract or be ineffective, the statutory provisions shall apply.

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