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The Algarve: Portugal's coastal paradise full of natural beauty and culture

The Algarve, a picturesque region in the south of Portugal, is known 

for its breathtaking coastal landscapes, charming villages and inviting beaches.   

It stretches for around 155 kilometres along the Atlantic coast and offers a variety 

of activities for travellers. The golden cliffs and crystal-clear waters make places like Lagos and Albufeira popular destinations for sun lovers and water sports enthusiasts. 


Inland you will find traditional villages such as Silves, which impresses with its well-preserved Moorish castle. The Algarve is also a paradise for foodies who enjoy fresh 

seafood and local specialities such as cataplana.   

Mild temperatures all year round and a rich cultural history make the Algarve an ideal holiday destination for those seeking nature, culture and relaxation.  

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