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New dream locations from November 2023: Oman

Oman is a hidden gem nestled in the Arabian Peninsula that beckons with an abundance of natural treasures, historical heritage and a deep-rooted culture. The country opens the door to a world where time seems to stand still; an oasis of tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life. Its vast coastlines on the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman are a paradise for divers and beach lovers, while the endless desert landscapes exude an incomparable majesty.

Oman cherishes its past. The majestic forts that line the land tell stories of bravery and honor. The souks, colorful and vibrant, are fragrant with incense and spices and are a feast for the senses. The land is a mosaic of mountains, deserts, and coasts, and it carries each of these elements with a kind of dignity that can only be acquired through centuries of tradition.

The true heart of Oman, however, lies in its people. Hospitality is not just a virtue, but a way of life. The people are proud but humble, and the connection to their roots is unmistakable. A cup of traditional Omani coffee or a plate of local delicacies is often served with a smile that speaks a thousand words.

In Oman, history and modernity, tradition and progress combine to create a harmonious whole that both touches and inspires. It is a country that once experienced, stays in the heart forever. Stunning high-end luxury properties will enchant you.

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