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Licence for...ascent

From the first step to the summit - usually a long way. How good it is to have a "mountain guide" to take you safely to the highest point.  


We at DIANIUM RESIDENCE accompany you on your way. For example, with a licence partnership. 



With our expertise, customer focus and knowledge of luxury property brokerage, we will take you on a journey to success. With the goal always in sight, we will climb the ladder together, step by step. As a partner, you will experience the exclusivity with which we find the best properties in second home destinations for you. Fair conditions and transparent business processes are the equipment for our common path that takes you to the top. Once you reach the top, you will enjoy pure luxury and the prospect of further attractive properties. 


Join us on this journey and enter into a licence partnership.   

Find out more about us here.  


You belong to the best!  




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