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Ingenious rivalry

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

It is a pearl in Tuscany and for centuries one of the most attractive cities in Tuscany. Siena has always been in rivalry with Florence for recognition as the number one city in Tuscany, yet both cities can perfectly complement each other.

To this day, the Middle Ages with their magnificent Gothic buildings dominate the cityscape of Siena, while the Renaissance in Florence has shaped architecture and art with an almost unbelievable creative power.

Both cities are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and both cities are unique in their character.

Those who love Tuscany will be at home in both cities and will find their favorite places here as well as there.

With DIANUM RESIDENCE, Leading Real Estate Company of the World, you can get close to both dream cities, because with us you can make the most exclusive properties in Tuscany your own - and always in the best locations.


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