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Grand living in historic estate | View of the world heritage

When the villa was built in the 1300 century, the builders must have been among the more well-heeled even then, because the nearby Via Francigena was one of the great trade and pilgrimage routes through Europe.

Today the property has been restored to the highest standards, preserving the ambience and carefully integrating the most modern technology and comforts into the main building and outbuildings. Intimacy is promised by a beautifully designed vine pergola, a secluded courtyard, and arcades on the main house, which is vine-covered. The magnificent pool is one of the icings on the cake, as from here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the countryside.

The luxurious estate in the Val d’ Orcia has 60,000 square meters, here you can fulfill your dream of country life in many ways. Nearby Pienza can certainly be inspiring: Pope Pius II in the 15th century had the city built as an “ideal city” according to the criteria of “humanist urban planning” from the predecessor settlement of Corsignano. Since then, Pienza has been a Mecca for artists and architecture lovers. In addition, the famous “Pecorino Toscano” is also produced here, which delights gourmet palates worldwide. Country life can hardly be more lively, enjoyable and fulfilling.

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