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Gran Canaria

One of the seven main islands of the Canary Islands.        

It is adorned with beautiful and varied beaches, from large, lively city beaches to quiet bays with golden or dark sand. Gran Canaria also offers breathtaking and unique nature characterised by volcanic rocks.          


A good example of this is the Bufadero: 

A cave that has formed in the rocks on the sea shore, with a hole in the roof as a skylight. When the waves come in and cover the opening, compressed air escapes through the hole in the roof and creates a huge "snort" (bufido in Spanish). The bufaderos are typical on the coasts of the volcanic islands. 

The natural attraction is located near the village of La Garita, in the municipality of Telde, on the north-east coast of Gran Canaria. 

El Bufadero is not only an interesting eye-catcher for locals, but also for tourists. The natural spectacles created by the waves are fascinating and attracts visitors to admire the power of nature and experience the breathtaking beauty of the coast of Gran Canaria. 

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