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Best locations... even under a leafy canopy

It doesn’t always have to be beach and sea! How about a forest and meadow instead? Retreats of a special kind are rarely found where everyone is, where everyone wants to be and where “the masses of people” are prevalent.

Exceptional properties, mostly historically grown estates such as forester’s lodges, old hammers, mills, manor houses, castles and the like are often off the beaten track and out of the mainstream. Here you can discover gems that have their own character, tell their story and radiate personality.

Restoration is always worthwhile, because the quality of living in these “walls” is excellent, especially because they are made of natural materials. Wood, loam and natural stone breathe differently and anyone who has ever lived in an old loam half-timbered house knows about the excellent living climate. Warm in winter, cool in summer, a benefit all year round.

These old houses, which provide their own ventilation and natural humidity, are superior to modern buildings in many respects and, above all, from today’s point of view, much healthier from a building biology point of view (as long as no plastics etc. have been introduced).

In times of rising temperatures in summer, air conditioning and shading are becoming increasingly important. A property under old trees creates the perfect conditions to meet these new challenges. Trees not only cool down the terraces pleasantly by 4-5 degrees, they also shade the house so that less heat accumulation occurs.

Welcome to the new prime locations!

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