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A sailing dream on the Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca in Spain is an excellent sailing area that has a lot to offer thanks to its ideal climatic conditions and variety of harbours and anchorages. The Mediterranean climate ensures mild winters and warm summers with sailing-friendly winds such as the Levante and the Mistral. There are numerous well-equipped marinas and anchorages along the coast, offering safe moorings, fuel supplies and other services. The coastal landscape is characterised by picturesque bays, cliffs and beaches, which not only make sailing pleasant, but are also scenically attractive.


Sailors can embark on various routes from the Costa Blanca, including day trips to nearby islands such as Ibiza or longer sailing trips to Valencia or Alicante. For those interested in sailing, there are also sailing schools along the coast as well as regular sailing regattas and events that liven up the sailing scene.

Overall, the Costa Blanca offers ideal conditions for sailors of all levels of experience, whether for relaxed leisure cruises or challenging sailing regattas. 

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