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A cultural hotspot and millennia-old traditions

Oman's culture is rich and diverse, deeply rooted in thousands of years of history. Characterised by its geographical location at the crossroads of important trade routes, Oman combines influences from Arabia, Africa, Persia and India. Omani society places great value on hospitality; visitors are welcomed with an open heart. Traditional clothing, such as the dishdasha for men and the abaya for women, reflects the cultural identity.  



Omani music and dance, especially the rhythms of ‘Razha’ and ‘Al-Bar'ah’, play a central role in festivals and celebrations. The architecture impresses with magnificent 

fortresses, such as the fortress of Nizwa, and splendid mosques, above all the Sultan Qabus Mosque.


Oman's cuisine is also an expression of its cultural diversity. Dishes such as shuwa, a slow-cooked roast lamb, and majboos, a spicy rice dish, are culinary highlights. The frankincense trade, once the backbone of the Omani economy, has also left its mark on the culture and is still an important cultural asset today.  


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