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Florence on the Arno | Cradle of the Renaissance and UNESCO World Heritage Site with Charm

The wealth of unique buildings such as the Basilica di San Lorenzo and beautiful green spaces such as the Boboli Gardens are the symbol of Florence as the birthplace of the Renaissance.

Even today, the palazzi of the rich Medici banking family, whose legacy gave the city of Florence countless paintings, sculptures and other valuables, fascinate in everyday life.

World-famous artists such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, as well as scientists such as Galileo Galilei, enjoyed spending many years in one of the richest cities in the late Middle Ages because wealthy merchant and banking families such as the Medici promoted the arts during the transition period from the Middle Ages to modern times.

Walking through the alleys of the city of culture, you can feel the flair of the Renaissance as a revival of the cultural ideas of antiquity, when the Medici family ruled over the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. The symbiosis of Renaissance splendor and modern living culture is what makes Florence so appealing as a domicile.

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